I first off would say thank you for the DVD!!!
It is the MOST informative DVD on photoshop that I've seen, and I am one to spend money on things that I believe, can help me in my career.
The only thing is the music it's too relaxing and at times it was too loud, but the way you approached the DVD, you completely knocked it out of the park.Once again I thank you for sharing your knowledge! This DVD is seriously worth so much more!!! Thank you!

-Ed “Dezo” Hughes

This DVD is a must for anyone trying to advance in digital art a lot of helpful tips from beginner to the advanced digital artist highly recommended
Thanks again halo appreciate the time and effort you took to make this DVD

Troy Tilly

Reinvent Yourself is such a great DVD!
Photoshop can be very intimidating, however this video shows you in easy steps what works for the tattoo industry .

Everything is on point with this DVD, and the service I got was great! 
Money well spent.
Thank you,
David Engbaek 
owner /Artist
Buzzin About Tattoo Studio
Winnipeg Canada