Tattoosbyhalo Tattoo Removal

Valkyrie's Wode

New sneak peek at the comic book "Valkyries Wode" I'm coloring. I'm really excited to be a part of this comic book company and am TOTALLY honored that they requested me to be the color artist. After reading the script it's basically going to be a girl version of God of War kind of.... Which in short words is totally awesome!

MY ART as the title of the INK LIFE TOUR!

I was graced with the offering to be the person who did the painting for the entire Ink Life tour!  This painting was a 30 hour piece that I was told it needs to have music and tattoos incorporated.... go!  Now this painting is not only printed by Sullen Clothing Co... but its on commercials and billboards across the country!!!

MY ART as the title of the AC TATTOO EXPO

Just when it couldn't get better I got the opportunity to help out my friend Beth Fairchild in making her logo for the AC Expo!  This was like the ink life tour, tattoos and casinos. 25 hour painting gave me this which I like to think is one of my better pieces!


Based on the fact that tattooing requires mental dexterity and quick color choices, I decided to undertake speed painting.  I give myself subject matter and about 15 to 20 mins to complete a painting as much as I can.  This allows me to think quick on my feet and make correct color decisions fast and works out my mental.  Here are some examples of what Ive done in this manner.  You can also go to my youtube channel to see more!

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