Oil Art

My newest venture

I have always been so blown away by the old masters of our time, and I would really like to learn more and more about this craft and how to become better and learn more.  This is all very new to me so its not perfect yet but I'd like to become better at it.

Here are examples of the different type of work that I do.  If you are interested in CUSTOM paintings or automobile painting commissions, you can contact me by clicking on the contact tab above.

Airbrush Art

Customizing Everything

Here are some OLD and NEW pieces of art that I have used an airbrush for.  Some of these I have painted on random things such as mini fridges, George Foreman grills and more!

Auto Painting

Artwork on Cars Motorcycles and more....

Check out this page to see some of the artwork on automobiles I've had the great opportunity to work on including the Batmobile, Lord of the Rings Car and MTG Bike!

Digital Artwork

Painting on a tablet, nowhere near as simple...

Some idiots will argue that this is an easier form of art, in actuality it is much more challenging and takes much more knowledge ON TOP of your art knowledge.  Some of these have ended up in books, commissions for clients, featured in art shows as well as some being just personal art for myself.