Atlantic City Insiders 10/28/13
Halo tells tome tips about tattoos.
    98 Rock 9/17/13

    Check out Halo and Inkmaster Kyle Dunbar in studio with the 98 Rock morning show Justin, Scott and Spiegel! Scott gets his daughter's name tattooed on his inner bicep by Inkmaster Kyle Dunbar!

      The Daily Buzz (TV Show) 10/24/13
      Tattoo artist and shop owner of "Black Lotus Tattoos", Halo, gave our Executive Producer a tattoo LIVE on air! Check out Halo's story, and the tattoo done on air.

        Emotional Mojo (TV Show) 10/24/13
        Tattoo artist, Halo, shares his inspiring story on how he beat cancer by using an alternative route! He shares his inspiring story, how his art form was a major part of battling cancer, and more!

          The Maryland Gazette (Online) 5/8/13

          Article by Atalie Day Brown:
          West County: Tattoo shop's commitment to kids with cancer is written in ink

          Read the full article here.

            Al Dia (TV Show) 10/24/13
            Halo is on with Farah from Al Dia tattooing live on air and telling us about his inspiration and  tattoos in unusual places.

              Eternal Ink (Online) 7/9/13

              Halo talks about why he only uses Eternal Ink while tattooing.

                Atlantic City Insiders 10/25/13
                Halo, a stellar Maryland-based tattoo artist, is one of the featured tattoo artists at the Atlantic City Tattoo Expo, Nov. 1 to 3, 2013 at Tropicana Casino and Resort.