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This DVD is a step by step instruction on how to utilize Photoshop FOR THE TATTOO ARTIST!  This will teach you how to navigate Photoshops menus, alter, a reference, compose a tattoo digitally and even make a stencil! 

This has been reviewed by Guy Aitchison to be helpful even to him who has been using Photoshop for 20 years!

SullenTV Presents 

HALO: Portfolio Peek 

SullenTV presents Portfolio Peek with Halo. "I have been very hard on my training to have the ability to freehand most of my artwork on my clients. Usually starting with nothing but markers and an idea, I'm able to make simple sketches come to life, Check it out "- Halo,

HALO: Artist Profile

This video is one of the many videos for each of the artists at Black Lotus Tattoos and showcases things that Halo likes to tattoo as well as his process and way of thinking before the tattoo and during the tattooing procedure.  Watch this if you were interested in getting tattooed but thought Halo was really an alien :D 

Documentary on Halo!

This documentary was taken by Ethan Wise Films and gives some insight on some of the things behind who he is as a person as well as the struggles that he has gone through to become who he is today.  

New HALO signature set from ETERNAL!

Introducing the Halo: Fifth Dimension Ink set from Eternal Ink. Designed by tattoo artist Halo, this specialty signature set collects 12 opaque hues of intense light from the brightest levels to energize your mid tone and dark tone inks. Use the hues straight from the bottle as a complementary or as a high value tense to quickly provide additional pop and impact to your art. This is a must-have addition to every tattoo artist palette and will streamline your color selection. As always, the Halo Fifth Dimension ink set is mixed to Eternal Inks impeccable standard of ink consistency and color match excellence.


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Custom Paintings by Halo from a variety of styles and mediums. From oil, to airbrush, to acrylic and digital, you can prints or request custom paintings to fit your collection!

The perfect automobile requires patience and know how. Each of these automobiles is freehand painted by Halo.  Click on this to see more of his AUTO Painting!

A good tattoo requires even better craftsmanship.  Halo's commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in every detail in each piece.

Custom Automobile Paintings

Custom Paintings

Tattoo Artwork

It's not a just tattoo, It's a lifelong piece of art